Bovi Rumex – Advance Cattle Feed Supplement For Cattle Feed Manufacturer

Bovi Rumex is specially formulated supplement for Cattle feed manufacturer like Cotton seed Cake and Maize cake and de oiled cake manufacturer.

Bovi Rumex is a highly concentrated form of rum en specific thermos table bacteria which enhances the growth of rum en micro flora and will support the animal for good rum en function and increases milk yield in the animal.

Bovi Rumex also provide your feed & de oiled cakes as a valuable source to the farmers and value addition for the feed and de olied cake manufacturer.

Its Regular use in feed or de oiled cake can enhance the product quality and in long run it benefits to the cattle feed manufacturer & to the farmers also.

It will improve the brand image of the cattle feed and DOC manufacturer as it not only give better returns on investment to the manufacturer but also will increase income of farmers by improving milk yield and milk quality.

Bovi Rumex Salient Features :
  • Increase in Milk Yield.
  • Improves rum en micro flora.
  • Lead to smooth and odorless excreta.
  • Eliminated toxins from the animal body.
  • Prevents loss of appetite.
  • Increase Live weight gain in the animals.

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