Fermlyte C – Poultry Booster Electrolyte

Fermlyte C Poultry Booster Electrolyte, It is well known that water is an essential nutrient in living organism especially during hot environmental temperature. The increase in water consumption benefits the bird by increasing amount of heat dissipated by evaporative cooling through a respiratory tract and survival in a hot environment depends on the consumption of large volumes of water. Increase survibility during heat stress has been shown to correlated with water consumption.

                                                Heat stress causes respiratory alkalosis leading to an excess of blood bicarbonates which eliminated through urine pulling other ions such as Na+, Ca+, Mg+ and K+.

  • Reduce heat stress during summer.
  • Maintain correct osmotic pressure and precise acid base equilibrium.
  • Overcome stress in diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Contains instant source of energy to provide quick relief during heat stress condition.
Each one Kg contains
  1. Calcium Lactate : 4.250 gm
  2.  Sodium Chloride : 50.000 gm
  3. Potassium Chloride : 30.000 gm
  4. Magnesium Sulphate : 2.500 gm
  5.  Sodium Bi Carbonate : 50.000 gm
  6. Maltodextrine : 62.500 gm
  7. Sodium Citrate : 16.250 gm
  8. Di Sodium Hydro Ortho Pho : 2.000 gm
  9. Vitamin ‘c’- Ascorbic Acid : 10.000 gm
  10. Dextrose Powder : Q.S

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