Fermlyte C+ – Poultry Booster Electrolyte

In the past there were many studies on heat stress and the role of water intake in domestic chicken, showed that feed consumption at 37.8 degree Celsius  was only 42 % of that at 26.5 degree Celsius, While water consumption increased to 135 % and body temperature was about 2 degree Celsius higher at 37 degree Celsius than at 26.5 degree Celsius.

When ambient temperature was raised continuously from 26.7 to 40.8 degree Celsius, the peak of water intake raised and the lowest feed consumption occurred after the peak of heat stress.

Heat stress increases excretion of potassium through urine resulting in the decrease in fluence mineral metabolism of broiler and layer.

The disturbance of the blood acid base balance through hyperventilation results in respiratory alkalosis and suppresses the growth of birds.

It seems better to provide electrolyte through the drinking water than through feed, because in high ambient temperature water intake is increased while feed intake is reduced.

  • During summer maintain DEB and acid base balance which is necessary for better growth, Feed intake, egg shell quality, amino acid, mineral and phytase utilization.
  • Achieve faster homeostasis to ensure maximum performance.
  • Contains instant source of energy to provide quick relief during heat stress condition.
Each one Kg contains
  1. Malto Dextrine : 250 gms
  2. Sodium Citrate : 65 gms
  3. Potassium chloride : 50 gms
  4. Sodium Bi Carbonate : 30 gms
  5. Calcium Lactate : 17 gms
  6. Sodium Acid Phosphate : 8 gms
  7. Di Sodium Hydrogen Ortho Pho : 8 gms
  8. Magnesium Sulphate : 10 gms
  9. Vit C (Ascorbic Acid) Pure : 25 gms
  10. Dextrose : Q.S