HI-LAY HI-GROW MIX – Poultry Feed Supplements

High Breed Mix

Breeder Chicks, Grower & Laying Hens :

  • Reduces excess amount of manure.
  • Utilizes all vital micro nutrients from gut.
  • Can give flexibility in breeder diet formulation.
  • Reduces frequency of sticky and pasty dropping.
  • Improve quality of hatching Eggs & good hatch ability.
  • Improve egg shell thickness and prevent losses due to it.
  • Improve semen quality and improve vitality fertility in male.
  • Break fibers fractions in efficient protein and utilization.
  • Improve overall performance and lying percent in breeding hens.


High Lay Mix

Layer Chicks, Grower & Laying hens :

  • Very good for immunity Development.
  • Support all vital reproductive organs to develop.
  • Supports good skeleton development in growing phase.
  • Improve secretion of digestive enzymes and improve FCR.
  • Very good for the immunity and supports chicks and grower birds.
  • Improve feed quality and to weight gain during of chicks and growers.
  • Help to develop proper reproductive organs in growing, Pre-laying phase.
  • Support good ovarian growth which ultimately supports in laying percentage.
  • Improve shell quality of eggs in older age hence thereby prevents cracks in eggs.
  • Prevent overall losses due to imbalance in micro and macro nutrients of feed.
  • Support consistence laying percentage & prevents unnecessary mortality during laying.


High Bro Mix

 Broiler Pres tarter, Starter and Finisher Feed :

  • Improve FCR and better and fast growth in broiler.
  • It promotes immunity by improving health of intestine.
  • Improve body wt. gain & improve muscles tone & growth.
  • Improve bone to muscles ratio and, Improves structural frame.
  • Give best FCR, fast growth & increase diseases resistance power of birds.
  • Improve palatability and absorbed all vital micro nutrients from the feed.
  • Reduce ammonia in manure by utilizing maximum protein from feed.
  • It can reduce unnecessary stress of antibiotics in birds and prevents wt. loss.
  • Improve appetite, better antioxidants & immune status & faster growth in birds.
  • It supports the treatment in infection and curb up bad effects of heavy medicines.
Composition :

Major micro nutrients in protected form with fermentation metabolites.