About Us :

                     “Fermantek” is a core Poultry and Dairy animal Nutrition brand established to serve animal sector in 2013 by group of dedicated Veterinarians. They are serving in the industry from more than 20 years and are reputed Nutritionists and Pathologists.

                      With the sound knowledge of Nutrition and technology, They are dedicated to provide  natural nutritional solutions and maintain global quality standards to maximize animal’s genetic performance and enhances feed efficiency to deliver highest returns to the farmers.

                     It is our Prime focus to go to extra miles to provide complete customer satisfaction. Backed with the nutrition data and several practical trials and experiences in various farms, build stronghold bonds with our customers.

                     The quality of products are upgraded based on the customers feedback and expectation in order to glorify their level of satisfaction. It is very necessary to meet the requirement of growth and production standard of today’s bird which is a challenge for nutritionists in animal sector.

                     Nutrition is the concept of science and to know the fullest need of bird we have developed the “Natural Organic Nutrition” by which we can meet day to day requirements of modern broilers, Breeders and Layers.

                    We are known to the fact that the standard set for nutrition before 10 years are now days a back history. Changes in the breeding policies increase the genetic potential of the bird which is very important topic in poultry expert community.

Quality :

                   Our products are set up to the principal of quality with highest technical standards. We set stringent quality measures and overall natural and organic solution for Poultry, Dairy, Fish, Shrimp, and Pet food industry.

We are offering distinctive value through affordable prices and efficient supply.